What is Women in Linux?

Women In Linux is a dynamic group that celebrates Linux-centric women in technology, exposing women to other diverse tech careers using the foundation of Linux as a viable resource for obtaining and sustaining a thriving career in tech.

Our Mission

Women in Linux mission is to address actionable solutions to bridge the gaps in tech diversity initiatives.

EXPOSE: Expose women to Linux focused careers

INSTRUCT: Creating and combining lanes that already exist

FOLLOW UP: Continuous monitoring

BRIDGE: The financial gap of learning and income

How Did we Form and Why?

Women in Linux was formed based on being in the field for 16 years and seeing no one else that looked like me. I have attended many conferences and most of the time I see women doing marketing, human resources, and sales. There isn’t anything wrong with those roles but that isn’t all we can do. So I set out to change that. I dare to change the norm and introduce a path that helps drive and guide women to a new norm. Tameika Reed, Founder Tameika Reed, Founder

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