Writing a mobile or web application in Node.js? Join the Joyent Node.js Innovator Program to get free cloud infrastructure and Node.js expertise.

Joyent offers a cloud environment optimized for designing, deploying and debugging Node.js applications. We run Node.js ourselves at large scale and offer direct access to the Joyent engineering team for operations best practices and production time debugging assistance.

Because we believe the Joyent Cloud is the best place to run Node.js, we’re putting our money where our mouth is and launching the Node.js Innovator Program. Members of the year-long incubator program receive:

  • Up to $25,000 in Joyent Cloud hosting credits*
  • Custom half-day kickoff & training session with Joyent Node.js experts
  • Co-marketing opportunities for your Node.js application
  • Eligibility for Joyent’s Node.js Innovator of the Year Award
  • Networking & idea sharing with fellow incubator members


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