MusicTech: If anyone wants to text Ryan Leslie and have a one-on-one conversation with a big-deal rapper, here’s his number: 646-887-6978.

That’s not a secret. Leslie shares the number publicly and encourages people to message him — it’s a way for him to develop a direct relationship with his fans. And now with his startup SuperPhone, he’s building tech tools to manage those messages and relationships.

I spoke to Leslie about SuperPhone earlier this week as part of AOL’s Build speaker series. Some of this might be familiar if you read about venture capitalist Ben Horowitz backing SuperPhone, but I think Leslie spoke insightfully about his own experiences, how they led to the creation of SuperPhone and where the company goes from here. (For one thing, there are plans for a version of the product that serves regular consumers.)…READ MORE

Written By: Anthony Ha (@anthonyha)


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