Welcoming and inclusive, the Chef community is always seeking a diversity of opinion, thought and experience. Share why you are an awesome example of diversity within the Chef community for a chance to receive a complimentary ChefConf pass. Make sure you submit your application before the May 31st deadline, to get your chance to join all of us in Austin.

DEADLINE: May 31, 2016



Chef comes alive when nearly 2,000 passionate leaders, practitioners, and innovators from the DevOps community converge upon Austin, Texas. We’ll present an invigorating blend of technology and local Austin experiences to engage and energize both technical practitioners and corporate leaders.

Three lively days will be filled with learning about and sharing the culture and practices that support the DevOps workflow, infrastructure automation and continuous application delivery. We’ll have inspired discussions, collaborative presentations, and in-depth technical training. This industry defining DevOps conference will also provide attendees with an opportunity to learn the strategies other organizations have used to successfully put transformation, velocity and compliance into practice.



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