For this year’s O’Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON), taking place in Austin May 16 – 19, the organizers tried to break out of the box, offering not only a new location (OSCON was previously held in Portland, Oregon) but also a new range of speakers as well.

As a result of a concerted effort to draw participation from a wider range of users, OSCON attracted over 1,500 submissions for possible talks, the largest number ever submitted to OSCON.

“Lots of people think about giving a talk about open source, giving a presentation. They just need a push,” said OSCON co-chair Scott Hanselman, who is a Microsoft principal program manager. “I think the reason we got so many responses is that we just told everyone there is an open [call-for-proposals]. This is what ‘open’ really means.”

On the 85th episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast, The New Stack founder Alex Williams and editor Benjamin Ball speak with the organizers of OSCON chairs: Kelsey Hightower (Google Cloud Platform staff developer advocate), Hanselman, and Rachel Roumeliotis (O’Reilly Media software architecture conference program chair).

They discussed the ways in which OSCON is creating paths for diverse speakers and presenters to share their thoughts with the open source community, the future of open source as a commodity, and more. Click Here to: Listen



Written by: C.K. Oliver

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