Virgin Atlantic is looking to hire a “freelance flyer”—in fact, the brand wants to bring on a few people for the job. What’s interesting is that the job isn’t really a job at all. These freelance flyers get to name their own task, which Virgin has requested in the form of a cover letter explaining what their business in London is and how the free round-trip airfare would help them accomplish their goal. Posted on LinkedIn, the brand describes the task at hand: “We’re seeking highly motivated candidates who are proficient at making the most of every opportunity. You’ll be passionate about leading a full life and being successful at a career you love.

You’ll have a positive, go-getting attitude, with a talent for inspiring those around you. The ideal applicant will have a clear goal in mind and sees a round trip ticket to London as the perfect way to achieve it.  Excellent communication skills a plus, as you never know who you’ll meet in our Premium Economy cabin.”

Essentially, it’s an opportunity to arrive to London in style after reaping all of the benefits Virgin Atlantic’s Premium cabin has to offer without shelling out for a ticket: large leather seats, access to the airplane’s social space (dubbed the “Wander Wall”), a three-course meal, and a glass of bubbly. Essentially, this is a situation straight out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. For more information on how to “apply,” check out the job posting on LinkedIn.


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Written by Erika Owen

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